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Want a “double entry” giving you twice the chance of winning the NYE Music Getaway Giveaway or the Ozark Mountain Music Festival Eureka Springs Weekend giveaway? Here are 3 easy ways: 

(1) Invite 20 friends to “Like” our Facebook Page; be sure and take a screenshot showing you’ve invited them! Email the screenshots to to be awarded a double entry!*
(2) “Share” any 5 posts from the Arkansounds Facebook Page or any 5 stories from our website via any social media channel; shares must be set to public to qualify, and they must show the Arkansounds’ original post/logo. Be sure to screenshot your shares; email your screenshots to to be awarded a double entry!*
(3) Forward the weekly update email to 5 Arkansas friends who like music inviting them to join the club – and copy us at If any of your friends join our Arkansounds Insider group with the email address you used and copied us on, you’ll get a double entry in the NYE Music Getaway Giveaway!*

*Only one double entry per giveaway allowed. Any one method above confirmed via the instructions listed above will earn any Arkansounds Insider member a double entry for both the giveaways listed above.