Fayetteville’s country newcomer Dylan Earl on DittyTV live-set video series as tour, growth continue [video]

Fayetteville-based country upstart Dylan Earl & The Reasons Why has been gaining quite a bit of attention from various media channels around the state and the Mid-South as the group continues touring in support of their new album, New Country To Be, released in October.

Earl was featured in a live studio performance video by Memphis’ DittyTV digital channel in October, and more recently he was interviewed for a North Mississippi Daily Journal story a couple weeks ago before a show at the Blue Canoe in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Earl relocated from Louisiana to Northwest Arkansas after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and he told the NMDJ that he’ll be “in Arkansas forever.” Traveling has taken him all over, from opera houses to basements playing his music live.

“There’s not really a typical live show,” Earl says in the newspaper article. “I love mixing it up; keeps the road fresh. I sincerely hope that, in the least, folks feel like the hard-earned money they’ve spent on being at one of my shows is worth it. I’m honored people choose my music to accompany their lives. It’s hard to live up to that in real life; hopefully, I can get close. It’s most fun when a show becomes group therapy.”