Fruition Full Set [Audio Stream] + Review: Hillberry Music Festival 2017

Below is the full-set audio stream from Fruition from their Saturday, October 14, performance on the tent stage at Hillberry The Harvest Moon Festival 2017, located at The Farm – Campground and Events near Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Fruition was scheduled to close out the Main Stage Saturday night, but with a storm moving in, festival organizers moved their set to the tent; it was shoulder-to-shoulder filled with folks standing 20-people deep in all directions outside the tent.

What an epic set! The air was electric, Fruition’s wall of sound outstanding and mind-blowing, the songs – and occasional impromptu jams – performed with precision. The energy, smiles, and dance moves were contagious throughout, but when Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone came on stage to man the fiddle for an outrageously great cover of “Southern Man,” the few members of the audience who weren’t already besides themselves suddenly were.

Fruition gave the fans what they wanted throughout their set, including almost all their biggest hits like “Santa Fe” and “The Meaning,” saving the title track off their newest album, “Labor of Love” as their “final” song. Only it wasn’t.

As the crowd went wild and demanded more, the band quickly launched into an encore tribute to Tom Petty – continuing a 7-show streak of playing a new Tom Petty song every time. Hillberry fans were treated to “Don’t Do Me Like That,” which they noted they’d never played together nor rehearsed (even though it sounded like they’d been playing it together for a year).

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Track List:
01. Laydown Blues
02. Just One OF Them Nights
03. Never Again*
04. Early Morning Wake Up
05. I Don’t Mind
06. There She Was
07. Santa Fe
08. Fallin On My Face
09. Southern Man* (Neil Young cover)
10. Take It Too Far*
11. The Meaning*
12. Boil Over
13. Way That I Do
14. Belong To The Band
15. Labor Of Love
16. Don’t Do Me Like That (Encore; Tom Petty cover)

*With Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth on fiddle

Recorded Saturday, October 14, 2017 at Hillberry The Harvest Moon Festival, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Photo courtesy of Fruition, from a previous performance.

Fruition’s set late Saturday Oct 14, 2017. Phil Clarkin Photography

Fruition’s set late Saturday Oct 14, 2017. Phil Clarkin Photography

Fruition’s set late Saturday Oct 14, 2017. Phil Clarkin Photography