About Arkansounds Media, Publicity & Digital Marketing Services

Arkansounds’ Media, Publicity & Digital Marketing division offers complete solutions for bands, venues, and small businesses of any kind needing help with improving their online presence (websites and/or social media), driving online traffic, converting online visitors to buyers, and increasing revenue – organically, without requiring a lot of investment in advertising. Our affordable services include:

  • EPK creation from start to finish, hosted on your website or ours at no additional cost. (Explore a recent example of our EPK website work here or click image at right to see what it looks like.) Prices start at $400, for EPK sites with required content already in existence. Professional artist bio composition is an add-on option; other optional add-ons to improve the EPK site include (1) obtaining media excerpts, buyer/customer recommendations, and “positive reviews” for inclusion on the EPK site; (2) providing streaming and downloadable photos, videos, music, and bio files for talent buyers and media personnel; (3) press release creation to support a new album or upcoming tour; (4) press release distribution to all media outlets appropriate for the music/product release or upcoming tour/event; (5) professional band photography; and (6) videography services.
  • Website revamp to add Search Engine Optimization best practices, Search Engine Marketing best practices, and other website content best practices such as calls-to-action to improve Google search results placement, increase site traffic, and convert more of your website visitors to buyers. Prices start at $200, depending on website size, advanced functionality options (ie events calendar, social media feeds, online ticket/merch/music purchasing, and/or online booking section), number of pages existing and number of pages to be added.
  • Website creation, from start to finish (as needed), on your own domain or on your personal subdomain on our site. (Prices start at $700, depending on size of site needed, amount of content needed, amount of ready-to-publish content provided, etc.) 
  • Logo Design or Revision: Arkansounds works with several award-winning graphic designers and artists and can create or revamp any business’s or band’s logo to have more impact and better transmit the client’s primary message, mission, and purpose to all who view the logo. (Prices vary depending on client needs; logo creation generally starts as low as $250.)
  • Online merch/music/ticket e-commerce page, on your website or ours, with the client maintaining sole control of revenue from sales. (Set-up fees start as low as $50 to add e-commerce functionality/section on an existing, qualified website; cost per sale starts as low as 3%, which help cover online e-commerce security costs and card transactions.)
  • Press release writing, featuring client’s new music, new tour, new events, new product line, etc. (Prices start at $150, depending on topic and length of press release. Press release becomes property of the client and may be used as often and for as long as client desires and adapted as necessary for future needs.)
  • Press release distribution to our national network of mainstream media and music media contacts. (Prices start at $150, depending on size of press release’s target audience and number of appropriate media outlets to reach the target audience.)
  • Publicity Management: Arkansounds’ management, with 25 years of experience in journalism and publicity management, will advise clients on the best way to get mainstream media attention to help build brand awareness, and then Arkansounds may be designated to do the legwork to help make it a reality. This may be a one-time assignment i.e. promotional campaign for an annual music festival or major concert or event, or it could be an ongoing agreement to promote several events per month of the client’s choosing. Publicity Management includes press release creation and distribution; securing mainstream media coverage of key events, etc.) (Prices vary, but start as low as $250.)
  • Professional “image” consultations overseen by a music industry veteran based in Austin (wardrobe, brand imagery, album imagery, video stylings, photo set stylings, etc). (Prices vary, but start as low as $250.)
  • Professional videography services: From video-recording during live performances to slick, professionally produced and directed music videos. (Prices vary, depending on client needs and preferences.)
  • Social Media Management: Arkansounds will drastically grow clients’ online reach organically with no advertising outlay required over an agreed-upon period of time; agreements can be as brief as 2 months or as long as 1 year and include weekly results reporting with breakdown of social media analytics vs. website traffic analytics. (Prices vary, depending on client needs and client goals for reach growth. Generally, we charge half as much per “person reached” as Facebook advertising would cost – and we also ensure that the people we reach on clients’ behalf are perfectly matched to the client’s target audience.)
  • Social Media Coaching: Arkansounds will teach clients how to drastically grow their online reach organically on their own, for the DIY clients who have the time to manage their own social media but want to learn the latest cutting-edge social marketing practices to get better results from the time invested. (Prices vary, depending on client needs and client goals for reach growth. Generally, clients that commit to a minimum of 3 two-hour instructional sessions see the best results from their newly acquired social media best practices and insider tips. Instructional sessions start at $75/hour a la carte; half-price discounts offered for clients committing to 3 or more sessions of instruction. Clients who complete 10 hours of training will acquire the same level of skill and knowledge as someone who just attended a year of graduate school in digital marketing!) 

With more than 50 years of experience among our staff in mainstream media, public relations, digital marketing, graphic design, website building, social media marketing, and publicity – plus the most cutting-edge certifications in digital marketing methods and lots of proven success in the field – Arkansounds Media, Publicity & Marketing Services Division can affordably and very quickly improve any business’s online presence and, most importantly, their Return On Investment. Give us a call (479-313-8668) or an email (kstar@arkansounds.com) for your free consultation and quote anytime.


Businesses or organizations interested in cross-promotional opportunities or advertising opportunities should email Arkansounds Editor Kristal “KStar” Kuykendall (kstar@arkansounds.com) for the latest insights on our traffic and social reach. We offer a free consultation and quote for any kind of promotion, advertising, social media marketing, or sponsorship that would benefit your bottom line:

  • Promotion through original content on the Arkansounds.com website
  • Promotion through original content on social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and/or Spotify
  • Advertising or sponsorships on the Arkansounds.com website
  • Event promotion, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities in the Arkansounds Insiders weekly email newsletter
  • Promotion of your content or ours through our mainstream media partners (print, TV, and radio outlets around Arkansas)


Arkansounds Music & Media LLC can be reached online through the Arkansounds.com Contact Us page, by phone at 479-313-8668, or by email to kstar@arkansounds.com.

Musicians, venues, promoters, and music fans in Arkansas are invited to submit any or all of the following content types at any time, and they will be considered for publication at no charge, at Arkansounds’ discretion:

  • Calendar event info/links (inclusion on our live music calendar is free; more info here)
  • Music and/or video(s) for website posting and consideration for review stories
  • Requests from musicians and venues to sell their merch or event tickets through their very own e-commerce section on the website
  • Requests for Arkansounds, through its stories social channels, to promote upcoming events, venues, or festivals
  • Story ideas on interesting music-related happenings or band developments
  • Fan photos and videos from music events
  • Letters to the editor from fans, venues, or musicians about any topic related to the Arkansas music scene
  • Video blogs or ideas from fans, venues, or musicians